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American Federation of Teachers - Local 3571



PSUFA, founded in 1978, is one of the very first local unions to represent part-time faculty (teaching less than .5 FTE). We are affiliated statewide with AFT-Oregon, and nationally with the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO.   For nearly 40 years the Association has worked to establish the rights of part-time faculty to fair treatment in pay and working conditions as well as access to health care, job security, education, professional development, and academic freedom.  PSUFA is a democratic union that involves membership and provides a voice for adjunct faculty in the university.  Our work on behalf of all part-time faculty and researchers at PSU is supported by member dues and by agency fees.

The American Federation of Teachers provides national leadership in education at all levels.  In recent decades AFT has documented the decline of tenured faculty positions in higher education and has played a leading role in seeking to counter the negative implications of that trend.  AFT is active in extending organization of part-time and other tenured, non-tenured, or contingent faculty in the belief that improving the pay, benefits, and working conditions for all faculty will help to end administrators’ reliance on “cheap labor” to maintain an ailing university system.  In the long run we contribute to an enriched and more stable learning environment for students and a fair economy for all.

PSUFA Mission


  • To represent part-time faculty and researchers at Portland State University and facilitate communication between them and full-time faculty, staff and administrators at Portland State University and within the Oregon State System of Higher Education.
  • To improve the status of part-time faculty and researchers at Portland State University, and to cooperate with other organizations to better the conditions of academic workers generally so as to promote excellence in education, teaching and research.
  • To negotiate and administer the collective bargaining agreement between the PSU Faculty Association and the Oregon University System.